Friday, August 31, 2012

Edit of II2 cont'd BG.  I think the sand works better here...

animatic update, 30aug12

Sequences II, V, and XIV: see "animatic in progress" page.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Test BG

First of three BG tests for getting the right tone... two to follow tomorrow!

Monday, August 6, 2012

sequence V, 06aug12

Sequence V, version 06aug12; nearly colored (need shots 002 and 011)

List of revisions to make:

• finalize color palette for backgrounds: darker, stylized realism
• come up with water and cloud animation suggestions
• need to post naming conventions for files and layers

001: ogre surfaces, sees mermaid
• ogre bursts out from under the water.
• reposition so he is not at bottom of frame.
• add acting: he bursts out, catches his breath, wipes water off his face, looks up, is shocked to see the mermaid in front of him

002: mermaid staring at ogre
• change mermaid's hair to "wet".

003: OTS, mermaid dives into water
• mermaid too far away/too small

004: mermaid dives in FG, ogre winces
• change ogre's initial pose
• add in-betweens for weight
• speed up mermaid's tail splash

005: ogre pensive, looking for mermaid
• add arcs to head turns
• need rougher brush: speckling is too even
• add hatching
• make grey shirt opaque, not transparent, using "watercolor" in "color" layer

007: mermaid leaps out of the water
• cut in closer to mermaid across the screen, or re-draw as a twisting action

008: ogre catches mermaid
• more up and down when ogre catches mermaid to show weight upon impact
• hair follow-through

009: ogre/mermaid staring at one another
• ogre and mermaid need to LOOK AT each other; ogre blinks, opens mouth slowly; mermaid touches his cheekbone with curiosity, gently
• cut to ogre CU?

011: mermaid wiggles tail to jump
• fix animation: need to show thrust

012: mermaid leaps from ogre's arms
• re-draw mermaid to fit perspective
• animate ogre's reaction (he can't just stand there)

013: mermaid beckons
• clean up hand coloring

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sequence V as of 02aug12:

• Full-color version to be uploaded Sunday evening will be our first run test - let's iron out the wrinkles: shot continuity, consistent color for characters, bg color palette choices, and animation (arcs, smoothing, line quality)

• Team: make notes (add comments) if you have revision suggestions or other thoughts. Good job so far - we're closing in on the look, and are fast approaching the moment to launch into full-speed ahead production mode - next week!



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi, I am taking over this Blog!  Kidding, but I can post, look at me!