Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gone Fish-Grabbin'

...And that's why there's no one in the shot!

Actually, you shall see some fish grabbin' above this otherwise predictable BG, since it is seq04_sh08_bg (Look, Chris!  It's the right tag name!).  Too bad the Ogre never gets a fishing rod...

UPDATED!  Went for the translucence thing...  I'm still thinking that will be best achieved with some good ol' fashioned After Effects-ing.  But I think this is an improvement.  And for future cloud styling, check out our little buddy, Cloud #2, on the left there.  Go ahead, say hi.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The List: The EPIC Conclusion!

Here it is folks!  The long-awaited, long-delayed list of ALL backgrounds in the adventure that is the Ogre and the Mermaid!  Find out if our protagonist escapes the clutches of his Photoshopped, sandy island!  Or will the evil Mr. Stagehand Man get his existential goat in the end?  Head on over to the Backgrounds tab to find out!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

calendar updated!

Aloha, Team!

• Animators, please check the calendar, which has been updated, and place strike-throughs for all completed work.

Shannon and Amanda - please post your concept work for the clouds and stars sequences - can you get this done by Monday? I'm hoping we can have the cloud and star animation done by January 30th.

Eric & Matt - we need the updated calendar for BG's, ASAP. Have you been able to get to school yet to work with Matt? Make a date for next week if not.

Janelle - please update, with strike-throughs, whatever's been in-betweened, and hand off a shot or two to Eric to in-between if he's up for it, so we can speed up that process.

Thanks to all for your efforts, and please e-mail me or post here with your news. I'm feeling optimistic I'll be able to get all the remaining keys done by the end of the month, so...IMUA (let's move it forward!)

: D

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year), and Big Mahalo (Thanks!),


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Found The Foley Pictures!

Took me long enough. Here are some more highlights from last summer's foley trip:

hop hop hop

Nice ocean!

More proof of Eric's clouds

Goofing off

I wish it was still warm outside.

A Horse, Of Course. Or Three.

Chris took off for some island or whatever, so I get frames to in-between in the mail. My favorite thing (I also got some new equipment, but that was from Canon)! Pictured are our new interns. I don't know how dexterous they are, being without thumbs and all, but Chris assures me they are at least somewhat manageable.

Back to work.

ogre mermaid land

...and a good place to think about ogres & mermaids.