Wednesday, October 29, 2014

more water-based shenanigans

sequence 10 now colored; sequence 11 nearly done. upward and onward to sequence 12, which Tahirah and I will share in order to finish it off more quickly.

sequence 17 still needs the piece's longest (though not most difficult) shot to fully animated. the coloring will hopefully be a matter of erasing, bit by bit.

one more shot from sequence 4 to animate: stomach growling, the original pencil drawings were lost to the ether somewhere along the way, and need to be redrawn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

seq10_sh08_ogre hit by waves

halfway through this, the last of the big shots - about a hundred drawings.

picking away, coloring a few frames here, a few frames there, animation can seem like chiseling a block of marble with a toothpick. probably people who restore paintings may have a similarly ridiculously meticulous mentality.

love those nighttime backgrounds colors by ellen. going to make the daytime shots more saturated, to keep this rich color. going to take the background linework out as well, pretty sure that will look better.

Friday, October 10, 2014

mermaid still

mermaid leaping in ellen's beautiful night sky (ogre missing - in fact she's sort of attacking him in this shot). may be wise to composite both characters into this one...or try setting the timeline up in photoshop here). the background colors remind me of marbles I had when I was little (I've lost them since, as it were). or vincent.

just finished coloring sequence 16, shot 04 (below) - over a hundred drawings, with james doing the first 20 or so.

tomorrow is saturday - time to start in on the last big shot, sequence 10, shot 08, where the ogre gets pounded by waves in nearly a hundred drawings...

after that, with tahirah whittling away at sequence 11, where the mermaid teases the ogre, sequence 12 remains as next in line and then sequence 17, with its grains of sand. after that, with one or two more odds and ends to do, it will be on to animating waves in tvpaint.

this project has gone on so long it feels like part of everyday life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

slogging away

seq16_sh04: 81 of 104 images colored. finish this shot tomorrow. the pace has slowed down considerably since august, but this week, we'll pick it up with zest in order to get through the remaining shots and start in on animating waves and clouds.