team: ellen, eric, matt

times of day for sequences/shots:

•  seq01sh01 > seq02sh02: noon

• seq02sh02 > seq02sh07: night
• seq03sh01 > seq03sh16: mid morning
• seq04sh01 > seq04sh01: sunrise/early morning
• seq04sh02 > seq06sh07: morning
• seq07sh01 > seq07sh07: afternoon (color shift on seq07sh01)
• seq07sh08 > seq07sh11: sunset
• seq08sh01 > seq08sh09: starry night (dream sequence)
• seq09sh01 > seq13sh04: night
• seq14sh01 > seq15sh06: morning
• seq15sh07 > seq17sh03: theater lighting


color palettes

• noon palette: 11apr13

night palette: done
mid-morning palette: done
• sunrise/early morning palette: 04apr13   NEEDS LAYOUTS
afternoon palette: done
• sunset palette: 04apr13   NEEDS LAYOUTS
• starry night palette: coming soon
• theater lighting: 11apr13    NEEDS LAYOUTS

Check Google Drive for all Color Palettes.


Sequences to Do By Date


• seq03 (13 shots)
• seq04 (16 shots)


• seq13 (4 shots)
• seq15 (6 shots)
• seq16 (1 bg only)
• seq17 (1 bg only)


• seq08 (8 shots) *depends on what Amanda has
• seq10 (8 shots)
• seq11 (6 shots)
• seq12 (14 shots)


• seq01 (3 shots)
• seq06 (5 shots)
• seq07 (11 shots)


• seq02 (7 shots)
• seq05 (12 shots)
• seq09 (4 shots)
• seq14 (14 shots)

BG master list 

seq01 - 18jul13
seq01_sh01_bg (eric: 18apr13): noon, ws, ogre pushed onto beach *PAINT FROM LAYOUT
seq01_sh02_bg (eric: 20apr13): noon, ws/pov, ocean horizon *DEEPER COLOR
• seq01_sh03_bg (eric: ???): noon, ms, ogre looks around, leaves *RE-USE SH01 BG?

seq02 - 25jul13

seq02_sh02_bg (eric: 05apr13): noon, fs, ogre sits down *NOT FROM LAYOUT? WORKS?
seq02_sh02_bg_v02 (eric: 04jul13): noon > night, ws, ogre falls asleep on sand dune *REPAINT FROM LAYOUT
• seq02_sh03_bg (eric: 18apr13): night, cu w/ pullback, ogre woken up by tide *HIGHER RES?
seq02_sh04_bg_(eric: 27jan13): night, fs?, ogre dances to avoid water
• seq02_sh05_bg_(eric: 04jul13): night, ms, ogre looks up after hearing siren *USE SIMPLE SKY BG FROM ANOTHER SHOT?
 seq02_sh06_bg (eric:): night, ws, ogre looks out to sea *RE-DO: NIGHT, USE LAYOUT LINES
• seq02_sh07_bg (eric 18apr13): night, ws/pov: ogre's view of empty horizon *UPLOAD LAYOUT

seq03 - 27jun13

• seq03_sh01_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, ms, ogre wakes up
seq03_sh02_bg (eric: 18jun13): morning, fs, ogre scratches head *DEEPER COLOR
• seq03_sh03_bg (eric: 19jun13): morning, ms of sky, ogre scratches ear
• seq03_sh04_bg (eric: 20jun13): morning, ws, ogre sees shell and other beach detritus
• seq03_sh05_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, ms, ogre walks past
seq03_sh06_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, cu, ogre walks past bucket
• seq03_sh07_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, pov, ogre picks up shell *PAINT SHELL
• seq03_sh08 09_bg: (eric: 27jun13): morning, ms, ogre listens to shell
• seq03_sh10_bg (ellen?: 18jul13): animation of "swirly shell reality," not a bg
• seq03_sh11_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, ms, ogre hears siren *SHOOT LAYOUT
seq03_sh15_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, ws, mermaid tail splashes
• seq03_sh16_bg (eric: 27jun13): morning, ms, ogre relaxes grip on shell *drawings missing
• seq03_sh17_bg: (eric: 27jun13): morning, ws, ogre stares out to sea, fades to black

seq04 - 27jun13
* Check to see that Layout names correspond with Storyboards -Eric
• seq04_sh01_bg (eric: 06jun13): sunrise/early morning, ws, ogre yawns
• seq04_sh01a_bg (eric: 06jun13): sunrise/early morning, ws/pov, sunrise
• seq04_sh02_bg (eric: 13jun13): sunrise/early morning, fs, ogre's stomach rumbles *ERIC HAS KEY FRAMES
seq04_sh03_bg (eric: 06jun13): morning, ws, fish jumps
seq04_sh04_bg (eric: 06jun13): morning, ms, ogre licks lips
seq04_sh05_bg (eric: 06jun13): morning, ws, ogre runs into water
seq04_sh06_bg (eric: 13jun13): morning, ws, ogre surfaces & leaps
• seq04_sh07_bg (eric: 13jun13): morning, ws, mermaid tail, ogre turns
• seq04_sh08_bg (eric: 27jan13): morning, ms, fish jumps, ogre surprised *MAINTAIN COLOR CONTINUITY W/ PREVIOUS SHOTS
• seq04_sh09_bg (eric: 13jun13): morning, ogre pov, ds, fish swims by
• seq04_sh10_bg (eric: 13jun13): morning, pov, ds, mermaid circles ogre
• seq04_sh11_bg (matt: 11feb13): morning, ms, ogre sees fish
seq04_sh12_bg (matt: 01feb13): morning, ms, ogre lunges *REVISE FOR COLOR CONTINUITY
• seq04_sh13_bg (eric: 20jun15): morning, ms, ogre grabs, fish wiggles free
• seq04_sh14_bg (eric: 20jun13): morning, ms, ogre goes under
• seq04_sh15_bg (eric: 20jun13): morning, fs, mermaid pulls ogre through water

seq05 - 25jul13
• seq05_sh01_bg (eric: 06nov12): morning, ws, ogre reacts to seeing mermaid
• seq05_sh02_bg (eric: 06nov12): morning, ws, mermaid starts dive
• seq05_sh03_bg (eric: 06nov12): morning, ots, mermaid dives, ogre in fg
• seq05_sh04_bg (eric: 06nov12): morning, ws, mermaid in fg, ogre cowers
• seq05_sh05_bg (eric: 06nov12): morning, fs, ogre cowers, looks around for mermaid
• seq05_sh07_bg (eric: 29mar13): morning, pov/cu, mermaid passes in front of ogre
• seq05_sh08_bg (eric: 29mar13): morning, fs, mermaid lands in ogre's arms
• seq05_sh09_bg (eric: 29mar13): morning, fs, mermaid and ogre stare at each other
• seq05_sh10_bg (eric: 29mar13): morning, cu, ogre stares at mermaid
• seq05_sh11_bg (eric: 29mar13): morning, fs, mermaid leaps from ogre's arms *RE-USE BG FROM SH09
• seq05_sh12_bg (matt:05apr13): morning, fs, mermaid enters the water *RE-USE BG FROM SH09
• seq05_sh13_bg (matt:05apr13): morning, fs, mermaid beckons to ogre

seq06 - 18jul13

• seq06_sh01_bg (eric: 05apr13): morning, ds, ogre wades into deeper water 
• seq06_sh02_bg (eric: 05apr13): morning, fs, ogre slips
• seq06_sh03_bg (eric: 05apr13): morning, ws, ogre looks back 
• seq06_sh06_bg (eric: 05apr13): morning, ms, mermaid sinks into water 
• seq06_sh07_bg (eric: 05apr13): morning, ms, ogre looks back

seq07 - 18jul13
• seq07_sh01_bg (eric: 12apr13): afternoon, ws, ogre walks up sand dune
• seq07_sh02_bg (eric: 12apr13): afternoon, ds, ogre lies down
• seq07_sh03_bg (eric/shannon: 12apr13): afternoon, pov/us, clouds/sky
• seq07_sh04_bg (matt: 12apr13): afternoon, cu, ogre looks up at sky
• seq07_sh05 06_bg (eric/shannon: 12apr13): afternoon, pov/us, clouds/sky
• seq07_sh07_bg (eric: 19apr13): afternoon, fs, ogre looks up at sky, jaw drops 
• seq07_sh08_bg (eric/shannon: 19apr13): afternoon, pov/us, clouds/sky
• seq07_sh09_bg (eric: 19apr13): sunset, ots, ogre watches cloud mermaid drift away
• seq07_sh10_bg (matt 19apr13): sunset, ds, ogre stares up at clouds
• seq07_sh11_bg (eric 26 apr13): sunset, ws, ogre profile view on top of sand dune, fade to black

seq08 - 11jul13
• seq08_sh01_bg (eric 26apr13): night, fs, ogre wakes up on beach
• seq08_sh03_bg (eric 26apr13): night, ms, ogre looks up at stars
• seq08_sh04_bg (matt 26apr13): night, cu, ogre looks up at stars
• seq08_sh05 06 07 08_bg (eric 03may13): night, amanda star sequence: waiting to receive from her (26jun13)

seq09 - 25jul13
• seq09_sh01 02_bg (eric 10may13): night, ms, ogre wakes up from dream
• seq09_sh03_bg (eric 10may13): *CUT
• seq09_sh04_bg (eric: 10may13): night, ws, ogre stares out to sea, *variation of seq09_sh03_bg
• seq09_sh05_bg (eric 10may13): night, ms, ogre's jaw drops as he hears siren
• seq09_sh06_bg (eric 10may13): night, pov/cu, ocean horizon *possible re-cycle of seq09_sh04_bg)

seq10 - 11jul13

• seq10_sh01_bg (eric 10may13): *CUT?
• seq10_sh02_bg (matt 10may13): night, cu, ogre's feet as he runs into water *refer to seq07_sh01_bg)
• seq10_sh03_bg (eric 17may13): night, cu, upper body, ogre runs
• seq10_sh04_bg (eric 17may13): night, ms, upper body, ogre runs
• seq10_sh05_bg (eric 17may13): night, ms, torso/legs ogre's runs, water more agitated
• seq10_sh06_bg (eric 17may13): night, ds, ogre wades into deeper, more agitated water
• seq10_sh07_bg (eric 17may13): night, ws, ogre runs, water more agitated *uses run cycle from sh03
• seq10_sh08_bg (eric 17may13): night, ms, ogre hit by waves

seq11 - 11jul13
• seq11_sh01_bg (eric 04jul13): night, fs, mermaid dives in turbulent water
• seq11_sh02_bg (eric 04jul13): night, ots/ws, mermaid passes in fg, ogre turns, surprised
• seq11_sh02a_bg (eric 04jul13): night, fs, mermaid brushes ogre
• seq11_sh03_bg (eric 04jul13): night, fs, mermaid pushes ogre into water
• seq11_sh04_bg (eric 04jul13): night/underwater, fs, mermaid passes, ogre sinks under water
• seq11_sh05_bg (eric 04jul13): night/underwater, fs, mermaid swims between ogre's legs

seq12 - 11jul13
• seq12_sh01_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ws, mermaid waits for ogre to surface, turbulent waves *re-use generic night bg's
• seq12_sh01a_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ms, mermaid touches ogre's face *re-use generic night bg's
• seq12_sh02_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ms, mermaid stares at ogre *re-use generic night bg's
• seq12_sh03_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ots/ws, ogre and mermaid stare at one another
• seq12_sh04_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, underwater, ogre and mermaid hold hands
• seq12_sh05_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, ogre sees wave
• seq12_sh06_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ots, tidal wave approaches behind mermaid
• seq12_sh07_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ds, ogre sees wave approach behind mermaid
• seq12_sh08_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, underwater, ogre/mermaid hold hands
• seq12_sh09_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, ogre gulps
• seq12_sh10_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, ms, mermaid stares at ogre
• seq12_sh11_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, underwater, ogre/mermaid hold hands
• seq12_sh12_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, ogre looks up
• seq12_sh13_bg (eric: 04jul13): night, cu, underwater, ogre lets go of mermaid's hand

seq13 - 04jul13
• seq13_sh01_bg (eric: 24may13): night, fs, ogre swept by wave *fully animated, generic tone bg
• seq13_sh02_bg (eric: 24may13): night, cu, ogre's leg tossed in wave *fully animated, generic tone BG
• seq13_sh03_bg (eric: 24may13): night, ms, ogre tossed in wave *fully animated, generic tone bg 
• seq13_sh04_bg (eric: 24may13): night, ws, ogre comes to rest *fully animated, generic tone bg 

seq14 - 25jul13

• seq14_sh01_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ws, ogre at rest on beach
• seq14_sh02_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ws, ogre gets up
• seq14_sh03_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ogre standing (refer to seq04_sh07_bg)
• seq14_sh04_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ms, ogre blinks
• seq14_sh04a_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, pov/ws, ogre looks at flat, calm horizon
• seq14_sh05_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, fs, ogre runs
• seq14_sh06_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ms, ogre runs, view of legs
• seq14_sh07_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ws, ogre runs *RE-PAINT FROM LAYOUT
• seq14_sh08_bg (matt: 24may13): morning, ws, 3/4 back, ogre runs away from camera *refer to/re-use seq04_sh05_bg
• seq14_sh09_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ws, 3/4 front, ogre runs towards camera
• seq14_sh10_bg (eric: 24may13): morning, ms, ogre gasps for breath *RE-USE BG?
• seq14_sh11_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ms, ogre standing in shallow water
• seq14_sh12_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ms, ogre turns to look at beach *RE-USE GENERIC BG?
• seq14_sh14_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, fs, ogre turns back to sea

seq15 - 04jul13

• seq15_sh01_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ms, ogre looks down at feet *RE-USE GENERIC BG AND CU?
• seq15_sh02_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ds, water drains
• seq15_sh03_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ms, water dries up *RE-USE SEQ14_SH14 WITH NEW ANIMATION?
• seq15_sh04_bg (eric: 31may13):  morning, ms, ogre shocked, looks back to beach
• seq15_sh05_bg (eric: 31may13): morning, ws, beach, dried up with only puddles around it
• seq15_sh06_bg (eric 07jun13): morning, ms, ogre's legs standing in puddles
• seq15_sh07_bg (eric 07jun13): *CUT


• seq16_sh01_bg (eric: 11jul13):  theater, ms, ogre stares down, bg starts to move *will be rendered to be moved as object, fake-looking) (Eric Jun7) *NEED TO RE-DRAW LAYOUT, MUCH WIDER
• seq16_sh02_bg (eric: 11jul13): *CUT
• seq16_sh03_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, stagehand carries bg away, to ogre's surprise/shock *large for CUs, seq16_sh01_bg rendered and moving over new BG) (Matt Jun7)
• seq16_sh04_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ms, ogre shocked as stagehand carries shell away, then sees bucket
• seq16_sh05_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, mermaid costume in bucket
• seq16_sh06_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ws, stagehand carries bucket past ogre
• seq16_sh07_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ws, ogre reaches out to stagehand
• seq16_sh08_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ws, stagehand approaches with hourglass
• seq16_sh09_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, stagehand approaches with hourglass
• seq16_sh10_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, stagehand trips on drain *animated drain cover
• seq16_sh11_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, stagehand falls
• seq16_sh12_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, hourglass breaks *re-use seq16_sh10_bg w/o drain
• seq16_sh13_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ms, ogre leans in

seq17 - 04jul13

• seq17_sh01_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ws, ogre touches sand *re-use seq16_sh02/06
• seq17_sh02_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, cu, ogre starts turning to sand *re-use seq16_sh02/06
• seq17_sh03_bg (eric: 11jul13): theatre, ws, ogre turns to sand, stagehand sweeps him away, turns off light, shuts door *re-use seq16_sh02/06


72 still BG's total.

If the BG team can produce 4 backgrounds per week, then...
Final Deadline:
June 14th!


65 Bg's to go! - heh, heh.


  1. let's get due dates in here, aiming for three bg's/week.

  2. The final deadline is here! Do you want micro-deadlines, Chris?

  3. Also... We need more LAYOUTS!

  4. yay for micro deadlines!

    I will bring new layouts today.

    thanks for updating this.