Friday, October 10, 2014

mermaid still

mermaid leaping in ellen's beautiful night sky (ogre missing - in fact she's sort of attacking him in this shot). may be wise to composite both characters into this one...or try setting the timeline up in photoshop here). the background colors remind me of marbles I had when I was little (I've lost them since, as it were). or vincent.

just finished coloring sequence 16, shot 04 (below) - over a hundred drawings, with james doing the first 20 or so.

tomorrow is saturday - time to start in on the last big shot, sequence 10, shot 08, where the ogre gets pounded by waves in nearly a hundred drawings...

after that, with tahirah whittling away at sequence 11, where the mermaid teases the ogre, sequence 12 remains as next in line and then sequence 17, with its grains of sand. after that, with one or two more odds and ends to do, it will be on to animating waves in tvpaint.

this project has gone on so long it feels like part of everyday life. don't know if relief will be the feeling once it's completed - there will be festivals to enter - but there will be the next project - something short and improvised, to cut loose from this process, time to learn something new (but there's plenty of that left to discover with the ogre and mermaid, yet).

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

slogging away

seq16_sh04: 81 of 104 images colored. finish this shot tomorrow. the pace has slowed down considerably since august, but this week, we'll pick it up with zest in order to get through the remaining shots and start in on animating waves and clouds.

Monday, September 22, 2014

sequence 04 again

seq04_09_21_14 from Christopher Magee on Vimeo.

roughly-timed, rough sound effects, but this is what I cobbled together while attending the Ottawa Animation festival of Sequence IV for UArts music composition prof Evan Solot to hand over to his students to try their hands at soundtrack writing. Looking forward to hearing the results!

Sequence IV was previously put together for the Philadelphia Independents screening back in March. More colored shots were added to this version, although the TV Paint waves are yet to be tackled.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

musical interpretations

Evan Solot, music composition prof at UArts, offered, in the form of an exercise, to ask his students to score a bit of "ogre/mermaid" to see how different pieces of music affect the atmosphere and meaning of the animation. I'm updating sequence 04, in color, for this purpose.

Friday, September 19, 2014


it's already mid-september. the film has been taking a backseat to school activity and life, but being here in ottawa at the festival is nothing if not a reminder to keep at it, even though it has already taken what has become a ridiculous amount of time (next film will be much simpler, that's for sure).

Sunday, August 3, 2014


at some point, it will be necessary to stop posting all these shots, lest the entire movie end up online before we are ready for screening!

having gotten rid of most of the short, ogre-only shots (in terms of coloring), it's on to shots involving the stagehands, and shots with both the ogre and the mermaid in them.

Tahirah is working away at sequence 13, and I am attacking sequence 16. Hoping to finish all coloring by september 1st. that won't mean we're done, though...oh, noooo...there's still animating of waves and clouds to do, and finding a composer, sound effects, and editing.

seq13_sh01o: more color from Tahirah

OMseq13 sh01o from Tahirah on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

seq10_sh02_ogre runs profile

seq10_sh02_ogre runs profile from Christopher Magee on Vimeo.

what coloring all day does to a person.

the black sand hourglass gets turned upside-down regularly, but at the end of each hour, you have to get up to walk around, pick something out of the refrigerator, stretch, etc., get the blood circulating again, before sitting down to work on the next bunch of drawings.

depending on the image, it takes about 15 minutes per image. tracebacks are a godsend (just copy and paste, and save), and often it is possible to cut pieces of color and repaste them into place, although I try to avoid doing that too much lest the drawings start to look...copied and pasted.

2D computer animation can't be very healthy - maybe stop-motion is better? but it is kind of meditative. the shorter shots give one a feeling of accomplishment, but at this point, most of those are done, and it's the longer shots that await!

keeping going, keeping going.