Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not the Jersey Shore...

...though I did realize we should have gone out into Sandy the other night to record some good ocean storm sounds...



Ok, so I decreased the storybook-y vibe and upped the dark, messy broodiness...
I think this is it.
By the way, I realized that you guys requested Seq2sh01 yesterday;  that is this shot!  let's see some tests with this guy.

Amanda and Giselle animating ogres.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ogre listens to a shell

This one took forever to convert on Vimeo, for some reason.

OM Seq3 Sc 8&9 from Janelle Smith on Vimeo.

Working through Sequence IV. Need to finish throwing Sequence III into the timeline and post it.

Need also to post timing chart and in-between naming conventions.

And waiting for the hurricane to arrive, of course...

Please update your part of the "to do" list, everyone.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Sorry I missed the second team today, I was obliged to be home for some household repair...

After fishing around the old Google, I caught a fix for my Photoshop crashing issues which, turns out, was due to my tablet.  But [fingers crossed] it seems to be all better.

So here's one finished, with more to come.

So here it is with some adjustments...


Monday, October 22, 2012

animating at jury duty

Nothing like animating while in the waiting room for jury selection. But it's all about constraints setting us free, eh? A good opportunity to sit down and animate with no distractions. Anyway, that was the beginning of Sequence IV.

And nothing like being told you can go home now after all that waiting, because the case didn't go through and they couldn't use a bunch of us.

An interesting day, after all...

picking up the seashell

III_07 from Christopher Magee on Vimeo.

Janelle on the in-betweens.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

journal entry

Janelle and I worked on a bit of animation and then headed out for falafel, and then I went off to figure drawing (for which animation is a good warmup, or vice versa).

Sequence III keys are done. We're at least a month behind and about to start sequence  IV, which should both be fun and a lot of work, as the Ogre tries to catch some fish but bumps into the Mermaid.

After a week of illness, car trouble, and general mayhem amongst us, hopefully this week the whole gang will be here and hale and hearty and ready to move forward with backgrounds, color, and more animation! : D Considering moving more folks into animation in order to speed that process up, although there's a trade-off between speed and the time it takes to animate well: proportion shifts, staying on model, finding better angles, and fine-tuning timing. As it is, barging ahead to get everything done, and then turning back to revise things later.

Interns Shannon, Amanda, and Giselle finding their groove (they have lots of classwork to contend with in addition to this), and the linework is improving (stay off the gas pedal). Timing charts! Gotta keep everything tidy.

Interesting to see how the story starts to feel as pieces get filled in with pencil tests. Room for shifting around of sequences...

buenos noches, los muchachos!

~ Chris