Saturday, September 28, 2013

guilty pangs of artistic guilty.

so guilty, oh, the pangs! no work done on the film since ottawa. came back, got blasted with administrative and classroom busy-ness, and caught a cold. and today, saturday, slept in a little, walked to the museum, saw a bit of the indian fĂȘte, walked back, ate an indian dinner, then futzed around, watching Raoul Servais (no waste of time, but still, you know, how's this bloody film gonna get done!).

welcome to new interns Grant, Meghan, Evan, Nishant, and Garion! we'll get crackin' this week, never fear. :  D

Friday, September 6, 2013

today was thursday

janelle, ellen, and I worked today on ogre. looking forward to rusty joining us. we also ate sandwiches and ate cookies. life  is good.

also passed out the new business cards, all squared-off and shiny, this time the ink won't scuff off so easily.

school's back in swing, so time has once again become scarce.

no photos, but will post the latest pencil when a window of opportunity presents itself.

 time poo bo poo fleep...