Sunday, March 30, 2014

ogre at the plastic club.

I presented the work of motion heads at the plastic club's "philadelphia independents" screening of local animators on saturday, march 29th. the evening was an enthusiastic success, with the work of 12 different animators represented, old friends and colleagues reunited, and a diverse group of artists present to celebrate the work of their peers.

sequence iv, lasting only a minute or so and in various stages of shot completion, screened before a receptive audience. it has been a long, long, long...haul, but a moment like this gives one the motivation to keep on going to completion, and also a little insight into the work that is not so easy to get just looking at it on one's own.

I am deeply appreciative of the efforts of my motion heads team, sad not to continue to be working with some of them, but grateful for their time and energy. beyond just making a film for myself, on this project I feel a positive responsibility to see this through, to reward our efforts and to make sure we're all proud of the end result.

so, onward and onward...

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