Thursday, July 18, 2013

ice cream on a hot day

today we slogged and chattered.
and took an ice cream break (gotta keep ourselves in a good mood).
and sat on the red ball.
ellen is in colorado, providing moral support to a team of hardcore running folk. drawing in a van.

the calendar needs another revision.
the ogre's proportions have a mind of their own: maquette, next time around.

tb2, 3, 4!   ; p

100's so humid-hot outside, you swim as you walk. the air you have to cut with a machete - a mere knife won't get you anywhere. gotta find some mountains and a forest...

we like Sweet Endings - they have big windows that look out onto the intersection - a pedestrian-heavy zone and a caricaturist's dream.

summer's halfway over!
but for now, time to call it a night...
tomorrow, there's more coloring and drawing afoot.

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