Sunday, April 21, 2013

in progress screening

we presented the february version of the animatic last night before a group of interested observers, colleagues and friends, who also offered their works.

it's good, doing a mid-project screening like this, because folks feel some freedom to make comments about things that can be changed, and of course it gives the creator a rare window into the piece from outside.

suggestions included:
- add the hourglass to the beginning of the film and show some ogre interaction with it in order to hint at the finite nature of time that is revealed at the end of the film (show ogre foot through hourglass as he walks by it)
- do something about the mermaid in the bucket to reveal that what we see is a costume (rather than a defunct mermaid)
- add offscreen stagehand voices, unexplained, to presage the ending
- and other comments I'll write later...
- sand falls from sky at beginning
- water colors darker to show depth, danger, and reflect the ogre's mental state

food for thought.

now to update that animatic and get the latest pencil tests in there...

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