Friday, March 15, 2013

movie night

forgot to take photos, but today was a nice day for Motion Heads, with Janelle and Eric in at the discs on in-betweens, Eric for only the second time, taking a break from backgrounds (woo hoo!), and a guest appearance by Maya, who came over for our first animation movie night, which was made possible with the borrowed school projector and Marie's excellent macaroni and cheese. there were also some chocolate-covered bananas later.

we watched Histoire tragique avec fin heureuse, The Big Snit, Madame Tutli Putli, The Danish Poet, Sleeping Betty, La maison en petits cubes, and a few other things.

seeing light projected onto a wall remains more magical somehow than having it beamed at you from a tv screen, or, certainly, a monitor. I was reminded of what I found intriguing about these little gems once again, watching them this way with other interested onlookers. they are perfectly balanced, something new with each cut, something not only to keep your attention but also relevant to push the story forward - a good lesson for any storyteller.

sequence XIII has been keyed. now it's on to sequence XV, and then the last two sequences.

how lucky one feels when one realizes one can sit around and make stuff up.

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