Friday, December 14, 2012

Here it is...... midday om_002_01_X1_0009


  1. Good, Matt, and thanks for working on this right away.

    I think we can make it a bit harsher and brighter - we should discuss here with Eric.

  2. On the right track; I'd say go for more blending on the water to get a seamless look with the brushstrokes. Shoot for as "real" a look for brush strokes as possible. Don't be afraid to embellish Chris' lines to draw out more detail. I may add a yellowish highlight color to that Palette to warm it up a bit. Also try adding some light highlights to the waves to brighten the image up. Also, didn't this BG have clouds?

    A bit of a list of notes, but a good start. I think when we start up again at UArts next month/year, we'll go through the process together on a BG so you and I can match each other's work so there's no visible difference.