Sunday, October 21, 2012

journal entry

Janelle and I worked on a bit of animation and then headed out for falafel, and then I went off to figure drawing (for which animation is a good warmup, or vice versa).

Sequence III keys are done. We're at least a month behind and about to start sequence  IV, which should both be fun and a lot of work, as the Ogre tries to catch some fish but bumps into the Mermaid.

After a week of illness, car trouble, and general mayhem amongst us, hopefully this week the whole gang will be here and hale and hearty and ready to move forward with backgrounds, color, and more animation! : D Considering moving more folks into animation in order to speed that process up, although there's a trade-off between speed and the time it takes to animate well: proportion shifts, staying on model, finding better angles, and fine-tuning timing. As it is, barging ahead to get everything done, and then turning back to revise things later.

Interns Shannon, Amanda, and Giselle finding their groove (they have lots of classwork to contend with in addition to this), and the linework is improving (stay off the gas pedal). Timing charts! Gotta keep everything tidy.

Interesting to see how the story starts to feel as pieces get filled in with pencil tests. Room for shifting around of sequences...

buenos noches, los muchachos!

~ Chris

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